Strategic Partnerhip with AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking & Economics (CIBE)

Greetings from AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking & Economics (CIBE),

AlHuda-CIBE is a recognized name in Islamic financial market focusing on Education, Training, Awareness, Promotion & Research, Advisory, Consultancy and Publications. To serve the Islamic banking and finance, we offer following a​accredited and recognized distance learning programs:

​ ​​ ​ ​​
Post ​​ Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance (12 months )
Certified Takaful Professional (06 Months )
Certified S ​​ ukuk Professionals (06 Months )
Certified Islamic Microfinance Manager ( 04 Months )
Certified Islamic Fund Manager (04 Months )
These courses are designed to impart the competence and skills of Islamic banking and finance to induce sound and latest knowledge of this highly developing field among the masses. These programs are designed under the supervision of renowned academicians, Shariah scholars and Professionals and best suited for the individuals who cannot spare their time from their busy schedules to attend the classes and consequently, miss the opportunities to accelerate and polish up their expertise. You are invited to join one of our programs that are compatible with your professional needs.

For further information, please visit our website.

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for details contact 03003075138


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In Pakistan  most of population which lives in the villages is still deprived of reliable supply of electricity. Given this grim picture, solar lighting and power generation systems have emerged as a boon for scores of people across villages.

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Solar Electrification Financing