What we Do ?

FRIENDS MFI is a not-for-profit,  e working towards the eradication of poverty  / social and economic uplift of deprived, neglected, oppressed communities in the urban & semi urban areas of Pakistan above the caste, creed, religion and other group boundaries,  PFF aims to promote an effective approach to poverty alleviation

Under the umbrella of economic empowerment program, FRIENDS-MFI initiated Economic Development  program in District Matiari, Sindh. This program was leading to poverty alleviation and empowering marginalized, deprived, oppressed and neglected communities through Micro Finance.

As an organization FRIENDS-MFI  believes that empowerment and social change is only possible with effective and efficient participation of marginalized communities of the society.

FRIENDS-MFI has an experience of working with poor communities at the grass root level for their socio-economic development & empowerment through an integrated package focusing on social sector services such as health, education, micro enterprise, relief & rehabilitation. Addressing communitys empowerment and their rights issues have been integral in all projects undertaken so far.